About Paramjeet and Lifenriched.com

Hey there, my name is Paramjeet and I want to thank you for checking lifenriched.com. I hope you get benefited too by reading and applying everything I have shared about enriching my life.


When I was 22, fresh out of college, I got my job in a reputed financial institution in India. After working for a year and half, I lost the drive to work. I didn’t feel like doing work. It was not my thing anymore. In fact I lost the whole direction of my life. It felt as if there was no purpose of living the life I was living (like a machine). I wanted to detach myself of working life. So I quit my job.

But one thing still seemed interesting to me and it was: Quest for spiritual aspect of my life. I would ask myself these questions:

Who am I?
What is my internal engineering?
How do my body and mind work?
How do the thoughts come and go?
and many more of such…..


AND then began my journey of research to find the answers to all these questions. I started with all books available, ancient scriptures and modern scientific publications. And in the course of time I feel I have improved to a great extant. I have helped myself increase my productivity, better my health, clean my thought process. Overall I am way more fulfilled being NOW.


It is my goal to grow spiritually and become more aligned to my true higher self. It’s unnerving how hard it is to visualize exactly what I want in specific terms. I was not conditioned to think this way, before.

With time I gained more knowledge and wisdom. I began to see the world differently. I started scrutinizing about my negatives and started transforming my life.  In no time, I was getting the results I had wished I got so many years back. It dawned to me that the incredible ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Law of Karma’ are not some imaginary hypotheses but the actual reality of the life ecosystem. I helped my friends improve their live too.

My vision now, is to pass on the whole knowledge to people who find themselves trapped and want help for overall growth and development. I feel I may play an important role in moving humanity to our next stage of conscious beings. That’s why I have started lifenriched.com.

I am very excited and am enjoying my journey of learning, growing and seeking enlightenment, as well as guiding others when they need support.

I am always ready to help. Just reach me through the Contact Form and i will do what i can to help!


Paramjeet (lifenriched.com)